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5 Ways to Destress While Traveling

5 Ways To Destress While Traveling

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” –Jimmy

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or first time traveler, the hustle and bustle of traveling can leave you feeling anxious and stressed. While you may not be able to change the direction of the wind, you can adjust your sails and use some healthy coping methods to learn how to manage your stress on your path to your final destination.

Each suggestion provided below can be used several times throughout your traveling experience. Use packing organization as part of your pre-traveling stage. We want to help! Combine these methods with your existing ideas to find the best plan to help you destress.

1. Get Organized! 

Travel like a minimalist! Make all your choices count. Choose efficient gear to help ease your stress. When you start packing, think of only the necessary items you need to ensure that you have a comfortable and well organized trip.

At Walter and Ray, we suggest using TAB: Seatback Organizers to keep all of your essential inflight items organized in your airplane seat. TAB has an efficient magnetic smart flap and clips right into a seat back pocket. TAB can also change from the seat back tray table legs.

You can also try the new TAB: Fit, a cross-body bag that is designed to slip inside the newer and smaller seat back pockets. You can fit your tablet, headphones, and more. The TAB: Fit also includes an insert bag for cords, snacks, and other smaller essentials. It also serves as a double duty bag off the plane for your day to day excursions.

Now that your airplane gear is handled, purchase the right size check in or carry on luggage for the length of your trip. Invest in well made brands, such as Samsonite and Raden. Avoid the stress of a poorly made suitcase wheel or handle breaking!

Next step, make a checklist. You can either create a checklist or use a printable checklist from Travel Smith.  Do a lot of research on the climate and area you are visiting. Keep the following in mind for you packing checklist:

  • Clothing: Minimal. Keep clothing to simple solid colors, comfort, and simple patterns.
  • Toiletries: Purchase squeezable tubes to help keep your toiletries safe. GoToob sells a pack of squeezable tubes for travel and outdoor adventures. GoToob is Airplane carry-on approved.
  • Shoes: TSA recommends to place your shoes and boots along the top of your suitcase for checked luggage. This method can make it easier for you to get your bags checked without further inspection. Always keep pairs together and arrange your shoes on their sides when possible.

2. Pack some comfort

Time to get comfortable! Pack your favorite comfort items and food to help you take a piece of home with you while you travel.

Here’s a comfort checklist that could help you make your travel easy:

  • Headphones
  • Eye Cover
  • Neck Pillow
  • Long sleeve shirt or sweater
  • Walter and Ray ArmPillow V2™ The ArmPillow slips right over the hard airplane armrest to help soften your flight.
  • Healthy Snacks: Pack some brain food like dried fruits, nuts, popcorn, and dark chocolate to keep you sharp.
  • Some “not so healthy snacks:” Since traveling can be stressful, you deserve some comfort snacks! Pick out a few of your naughty treats like candy, chips, or cookie! A little goes a long way, so be mindful about eating!
  • Aromatherapy supplies! Try something soothing with some lavender to help you be calm.
  • Calming Tea: Teavana sells some amazing loose leaf tea that you can put in sachets. Try chamomile blends or something with lavender or mint to help your body overall.

3. Make a Travel Playlist

Put together a fun playlist of calming music, energizing music, happy music, and more to help you play something for your needs. When you’re feeling stressed, pick a mood and listen to some tunes.

Spotify offers free playlists and you can find some pre-selected playlists if you can’t figure out what music to listen too. Spotify also offers an “offline” mode, so you can save your favorite tunes and listen to your jams without using Wi-Fi or data

4. Visualize your Destination

Literally….visualize where you are heading to and imagine a happier and less stressed you. If you are on a business trip and you may not be traveling to a fun destination, then imagine yourself taking a nice shower or resting on a comfortable bed. Use visualization to help put yourself a good state of mind. Remember, that stress is only temporary and visualize your long term plan, so you don’t feel stuck.

You can also put a calming scene on the background of your phone. Every time you are feeling stressed, take a look at your favorite place, like the beach or a nice grassy meadow. Imagine yourself in your happy place.

5. Just breathe!

Stress is temporary, it doesn’t last forever. Feeling anxious and nervous is only temporary as well. Focus on breathing for a few minutes and disrupt any chattering thoughts.  Pay attention instead to the sound of your breath.

According to an article from NPR, “your body has a built-in stress relieve.” Breathing exercises can alter the pH of the blood or change your blood pressure. Practice some healthy dialogue and do some deep breathing.

Relax and remember than anxiety and stress are only temporary. Use these methods above to help make your travel journey easier. Walter and Ray offers some amazing top of the line travel products to help you stay organized and cozy on your trip. Check out our travel gear and be prepared and happy when you book the next destination of your dreams.

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