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Vacation or Bust: What About Ensuring Your Vacation is NOT a Bust?

Vacation Or Bust: What About Ensuring Your Vacation Is NOT A Bust?

There are plenty of ways to go about ensuring your vacation is not a bust. Whether you’re planning for a simple weekend getaway or a more elaborate adventure, vacations are a welcome break from the stressors of our daily routines. The anticipation builds up during the planning process, creating a euphoric excitement leading right up to go-time.

How many of us have found ourselves on our much-anticipated vacation only to find ourselves overwhelmed trying to see and do all the things we were so excited about? Check out a few tips for making the most of your vacation and keeping it stress-LESS!

Bring the Right Gear

Clothes:, A good basic rule of thumb is to pack in a color theme and bring accessories to switch up your outfits with style. Scarves, hats, belts, and light jackets will move an outfit from trail to restaurant patio in a flash. Check the 10-day weather forecast for your destination and be sure to add in that extra sweater or UV protecting jacket, just in case.

Shoes: Two pairs of shoes in your bag and one on your feet should do the trick. Something practical and worn-in to walk in, a pair of flip-flops or slip-ons to lounge in and a stylish choice to party in.

Gear: The right bag for day-trips is key. Vacays are all about excursions so bring a slim travel bag that can do double duty first, as a catch-all for the car or flight essentials, and second, as a holder for water, snacks, and picnic mat for that day walk to the view site.

Safety: Don’t forget to plan for your safety! Make sure to bring a couple of face-masks, sunscreen, insect repellant, extra luggage lock, some hidden cash, and if you’re going a little more off-grid, a first-aid kit.

For some of the most up to date outfit and gear-packing ideas, browse Pinterest using search terms for your destination. 

Guide or No Guide

If you’re exploring somewhere new, a guide may be your best bet to discovering the local landscape. Don’t fall for the feeling that guides are strictly for amateur explorers – guides are guides for a reason! Guides become indispensable when exploring an area where you don’t know the local language and often know of hidden treasures even the most experienced travelers missed in their research. Even if you’re traveling in a big city, a guided tour may help you check off your sightseeing goals in a smaller amount of time than if you tried to see them all on your own. Booking a guided tour will help you open up your itinerary for more free time, like sitting by the beach or enjoying a restaurant you’ve been dying to experience!

Research Timeframes for Your “Must-Do” Activities

There’s nothing worse than finally getting to that museum or attraction only to find that it will take you three times as long as you expected. Highly visited attractions often have long wait times just to get in. You’ll often find tips and tricks with a quick web search but, when in doubt, call or email the attraction and inquire as to wait times for getting in and how long a tour might be (if you’re planning a tour through an attraction or museum). If the attraction has an option for reservations or a “fast-pass” (skip-the-line) for an added fee, spring for it if you’re able to. 

Lastly, book your must-visit restaurants online for dinner reservations before you go. Many a trip circle around visiting a famous local eatery. With travel now starting to gear up, be sure to secure the table and time you wish before you go. There is nothing sadder than missing out on the famous BBQ, beignet, or stone fruit salad!

While this list is nowhere near exhaustive for planning your vacation, these three tips may help you enjoy your vacation while taking some of the stress out of the picture. We’re always excited about upcoming vacations and adventures – and we know we’re not alone!

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