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The 7 Packing Tips for Prepared Travel

The 7 Packing Tips For Prepared Travel

Make your trip more efficient.

On a basic level, travel is all about preparation and logistics.

From the moment you close your front door behind you to the moment you open the door of your hotel room, you can only do so much to offset the unpredictable. Anyone who has missed a flight or lost their luggage knows how crucial it is to prepare for the worst and have your logistics in order.

So how exactly does one prepare for the unexpected in transit? With a killer packing check list and a travel-savvy carry on bag! Here are 7 packing tips for prepared travel.

To simplify things, its best to find a flat surface like a bed or a table to lay out items from largest to smallest. This will help you prioritize what you want to be the most and least accessible at the airport and on the plane.

Even if you are traveling for leisure, consider bringing your own device to use on the plane and at your final destination. Not only does it help on planes without backseat screens, but an Ipad or tablet can double as a camera for vacation photos and videos.
TIP: Check your departure airport’s security guidelines for laptops and be sure to pack it in a way that is accessible on a moments notice.

Wait what? Clothes don’t belong in a carry-on, right? When preparing for the worst case travel scenario, stranded without luggage is a biggie. If room allows in your bag, always pack a comfortable outfit and a few basic toiletries, including a few scented wet wipes to keep things fresh between showers. The outfit also helps on colder planes without blankets and can double as pajamas when you have to sleep at the airport. The toiletries simply save you from buying them in transit or at your destination.

Plane food is never the best option but the last option for the healthy traveller. A few small bags of nuts, chopped veggies and dried fruits will promote better digestion at different altitudes and save you money when the only free food on the menu is salted peanuts or pretzels. If you don’t like to meal prep, save space in your carry-on for a stop at your favorite sandwich shop or cafe en route to the airport. And while the typical in-flight, non-alcoholic beverage offerings are free, what about long waits at the gate? The time at baggage claim? The ride in the cab to your hotel? In those moments, a reusable water bottle is a life saver and a healthy deterrent to jet lag.

These may seem like a carry-on “duh” but you never know. This is tops in packing tips. In the event of a plane without sockets at every seat, a portable battery will help you stay charged up for movie watching. As for the headphones, ask anyone who has flown next to a crying baby or a loud talker: headphones are sometimes the only way to get any sleep on a long, full flight.

Scannable smartphone technology has made print-at-home tickets a waste of paper, but when you travel abroad or to a third world country, passports, visas, vaccines and other printed documentation are usually required. Keep these things with you from point A to point B. Inflight service is also going paperless as many airlines ONLY accept plastic for in-flight menus and amenities. Avoid flags on your account by notifying your bank of the travel dates and destinations in advance.
TIP:To keep your credit card information protected from conmen with digital scanners, consider a wallet with RFID lining.

This packing tips list may seem long, but with the right bag, everything is possible. Say hello to the FLY InTransit Bag, a one-stop carry-on solution to all your travel needs.  Its features are numerous, both expected and unexpected.

On the expected side, the padded laptop compartment, the carabiner for your water bottle and the RFID lined credit card pocket are on point. You can also expect the bag to fit the most unforgiving carry-on bag measurements with ease!

To the unexpected, you’ll appreciate the cleverness of the external USB hub, the “lost luggage” extra clothes pocket, the hidden pocket and a compartment for keeping your snacks fresh. Its the Swiss Army Knife of carry-on bags and the best way to pack for the first leg of your trip!

Logistics can make or break your travel experience, so why not pack your carefully prepared items in a bag that’s actually designed to perform under pressure? Need a place to hold your packing tips? The FLY InTransit Bag is the answer!

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