As airplane seat sizes shrink, travelers are looking for compact and functional solutions to help make their time on-board simpler and more efficient.

We are here to help people enjoy their journey.

Inspired by the conversations she has had with fellow travelers, founder Tania Rodrigues and her team at WALTER + RAY are on a mission to improve travel by transforming personal space.

“I have had many a long haul flight and those large chunks of time on the aircraft can be challenging. I love to travel, and therefore, I was motivated and inspired to create products that would make for a more enjoyable trip.” said CEO Tania Rodrigues. “Although there are many types of existing travel accessories on the market, the travelers I have talked to are always looking for new options to finally solve old problems.”

An adventurer since childhood and a style enthusiast by birthright, Tania has researched the needs of airline travelers and has worked relentlessly to develop items that are as fashionable as they are functional.

WALTER + RAY crafts premium, ultra-functional, space saving travel gear with a line of solutions that are stylish and smart.

WALTER + RAY launched in January 2015. The team is located in sunny Southern California.