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The Safest Healthy Traveling Products

The Safest Healthy Traveling Products

How do you stay safe while traveling? Safety and health remain at the forefront of everything we do, even more so with everything 2020 continues to throw at us. With a global pandemic still reigning supreme in the headlines, we consistently look at our everyday activities through a new lens. Despite travel restrictions lifting, traveling still comes with risk. Packing healthy traveling products alongside your other necessities helps you stay prepared for whatever may come your way.

Covid Caution

Even in the event that COVID-19 becomes manageable and only a slight memory of what it was during 2020, our views on disease transmission will remain ingrained. Washing our hands and wearing our masks to prevent transmission and possible infection only go so far. We created a one-stop-shop with numerous items to remain healthy on the go with products that combine safety, convenience, and value for daytrippers, vacationers, and even people going about their everyday lives.

Protecting Ourselves With Gadgets

With the common knowledge of how certain viruses and bacteria remain on surfaces, many of us think twice before touching commonly used items such as door handles. Small devices that allow us to open doors and push buttons continue to climb in popularity. One such item, the G-Key, allows us to do these small tasks with less contact. Its clever design handles so many day-to-day tasks while hanging effortlessly from a keychain. It has a hook and a small, rounded point stylus. The hook allows you to easily open shared doors and faucets, while the rounded tip is ideal for pushing elevator or ATM buttons.  Worried about touchscreens? The tip is also a stylus capable of activating touchscreens without the use of your fingers. What about the surfaces you can’t use a G-key for? Small bottles of sanitizer are one of our go-to necessities these days. They tuck away in a purse or pocket and help us sanitize our hands after we’ve touched innumerable surfaces.

Face Masks Are In

Face masks are another item continuing to prove beneficial and, yes, even stylish. What once was seen only in various medical settings and the like has grown to be a safety precaution for everyone from teachers to sanitation workers, lawyers to retail associates. The cloud mask features several benefits that not only protect those around us but are also comfortable and healthy. With N29, a fiber made with nylon, acrylic, and germ-fighting copper, the cloud mask is antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal. Wash this lightweight mask by hand and it dries quickly for its next use.

Stay Prepared

The Go-Kit combines these items along with packets of immune-building dissolvable multivitamins at an incredible value. The kit contains two cloud masks, a G-key, a small bottle of All Good hand sanitizer, and two pouches of citrus dissolvable multivitamins for on-the-goers.

These healthy traveling items are ideal for everyday life, before, during, and after the pandemic of 2020. Traveling – whether around the world or to the store – presents risks to our health, no matter how minor. Caution keeps us healthy, but we don’t need to sacrifice convenience or style.

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