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Airplane Meal Hacks

Airplane Meal Hacks


Sitting on a plane can certainly get uncomfortable and while your journey may be long, taking a few extra steps to pack some healthy foods from home can make your journey a little easier. In this blog, we will focus on Airplane Meal Hacks for Airline Dining and offer some suggestions on packing to-go items from home to make your journey memorable.

Airline Dining

For airline dining, some airlines offer special meal choices on their website. You can see what food will be served 48 hours before you board. If something looks good, pre-order a special meal through the airline.

Travelers with dietary restrictions, please don’t be afraid to state your needs. It’s your flight, and your airline wants to make the experience comfortable to you. American Airlines, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, and Delta Airlines are just a few of the airlines that have specific instructions you can follow to ensure that your food options are within your dietary needs.

Pack Some Comfort from Home

Get creative and pack some of your favorite foods from home on your flight.

If you are going on an international flight, try some fruit and some perishable items for the first part of your journey and then non-perishable items for the last part of your journey.

1.Pack a cereal mix: 

-Pick your base: Pick your favorite cereal and add it to one of your resealable storage bags.

-Dried Fruit: Try some chopped cranberries, apricot, apples, fig, or raisins. Trader Joe’s also offers some freeze dried fruit that can add some extra crunch to your meal.

-Nuts: Try some roasted and unsalted almonds or almond slivers.

-Extra Toppings: You can add a little extra cinnamon or flax seed powder for some extra flavor.

After you get together your cereal mix, you can ask a flight attendant for some milk and a cup when they come by and ask for your free beverage. Be sure to pack a few plastic spoons.

2. Pack some to-go packets:

Miso Soup Packets. Miso Soup is packed with a lot of rich flavor and can help with digestion. Trader Joe’s sells some very inexpensive Miso Soup Packets!

True Lemon® Lemonade Packets. These small packets are full of flavor and only 10 calories. They are made with stevia leaf extract.

Justin’s Peanut Butter: The whole line has so many amazing goodies for your trip and is packed with protein! Try out their single serve nut butters for your trip.

-Be a little naughty: That’s right! Pack some candy or some and treat yourself.

-Oatmeal Packets: You can get these anywhere, but they can provide some amazing support to a long flight.

-Protein Powder: If you are used to taking protein powder or using meal replacement powders to help your stay nourished for the day, then consider packing them for a flight. Most protein powders range in their protein per grams, but a typical serving is about 20 to 25 grams. Your body will also appreciate that they are low in calories and sugar.

-Fruit and veggies: If you can, try to pack some of your favorite fruit and some veggies. The best veggies you can pack are carrots and cucumbers.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips for an Airplane Meal Hack! Enjoy and feel free to check out our other blog posts and online shop for your travel needs.

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