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The ArmPillow™ Armrest Cushion



This compact comfort slips over hard airplane armrests to soothe and protect your arm. The ArmPillow features a cushy memory foam interior, a soft, removable plush velour exterior, and adjustable elasticized Velcro straps. Some travelers even bring extras to break the ice with their travel neighbors! Bonus: The ArmPillow also works wonders for hard office chairs and comes in Skyblue, Grass Green, Lavender and Leopard! Choose your favorite color or pattern at checkout.

• Weight .75 lbs
• Secure Velcro Attachment
• 100% Vegan
• Great Gift Idea
• Perfect for Travel and Office


3 reviews for The ArmPillow™ Armrest Cushion

  1. Michele Burgess (verified owner)

    These are the best invention ever. No more sore elbows, plus they make the armrest a little bit wider to share with your neighbor. I use one on each side.

  2. Nancy Shaw

    FIVE-PLUS STARS ! LOVE THESE !!!! Even if you don’t get to use these as ARMRESTS — tucked in beside you is a life saver! I have two and am purchasing two more! When I bring them out my co-traveler is suspicious, but they don’t give them back to me!

  3. Nancy Shaw


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