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TAB gets funded on Kickstarter

TAB Gets Funded On Kickstarter

TAB reaches funding goal on Kickstarter

Handsome carry on, TAB, fits in seatback pocket and organizes travel gear.

TAB: A slim, stylish carry-on that fits right into the seatback pocket and organizes all travel gear has just been funded on Kickstarter.

WALTER + RAY will begin shipping TAB in April.

A new color, elephant taupe with lime green stitching and a gray interior, was released as a surprise to Kickstarter backers.

Additionally, backers participated in a poll and voted for 2 new color designs for the exterior and lining for each of the launched styles. They selected Orange Leather with Origami Bird Lining for TAB:ZipSleeve, and Texture Black with Blue Lining for TAB:Messenger. Backers can now select or adjust their reward and order any of the 5 styles before the campaign closes today.

Three matching accessories were also added to the Kickstarter tiers, which include an Elephant Taupe Passport Cover, Kickstarter Green Clip-on Key + Card Sleeve, and a WALTER + RAY Green Clip-on Key and Card Sleeve.

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As a result of the successful Kickstarter Campaign, WALTER + RAY will be attending the Travel Goods Trade Show March 10-12 (Booth 3094).

There are 14 hours left for the Kickstarter campaign, which has already raised $15,715.

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