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CNN names TAB hottest new travel accessory

CNN Names TAB Hottest New Travel Accessory

On the heels of a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign TAB, is named by CNN as one of 2015’s groundbreaking travel accessories.

WALTER + RAY’s TAB Seatback Pocket Organizer helps save passengers from having to deal with nasty airplane seatback pockets, which unbeknownst to many are one of the germiest areas of an airplane.

The TAB Organizer solves that problem by tucking right into the pocket.

Designed in both zip sleeve and messenger bag style, the organizer contains six device-sized spaces to hold all your gadgets while inflight.

There’s also a magnetic flap that folds over the outside of the pocket so you don’t forget the TAB upon deplaning.

Harnessing the power of crowd funding, WALTER + RAY raised $17,000 on Kickstarter to fund development of the accessory.

It costs $50 to $150, depending on the material.

Featured on CNN and The Daily Suitcase.


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