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Messenger Inflight Organizer


In stock (can be backordered)

“Because it’s there.” – George Mallory, Mountaineer


Challenge accepted.
Telegraph confidence and cool wherever you wander with The Messenger. Slip it over your roller luggage handle at the airport or sling it over your shoulder and skateboard to work. Anything can be an adventure if you make it one.


Who it’s for

Climbers. Creative directors. Consummate travelers.


Where it takes you

Handsome and versatile, The Messenger goes straight from your pitch meeting in NYC to glamping in Tulum with zero fuss.


Why it’s cool

See and be seen. The Messenger is literally unforgettable, with reflective detailing that pops under streetlights or on a redeye flight.


• Holds what you need while in your airplane seat

• Secure into place with  our Patent Pending magnetic TAB phone pocket that clips over the airplane seat-back pocket

• “Never Forget” Reflective Details

• Removable Clear Bag and Two-Pocket Pouch

• Holds Tablet, Headphones & More

• Slips over Rolling Luggage Handle

• 60″ Adjustable Crossbody Strap

• Three ways to stow:  hooked flush against a seat, snapped onto your tray table, or slipped into your seatback pocket.


2 reviews for Messenger Inflight Organizer

  1. Marcia Kreske

    I travel. A lot. Randomly found this bag and didn’t buy it because I thought I could find something cheaper. I was looking for the perfect bag to hold all of my in seat items. I kept coming back to this Walter and Ray bag and so I bought it. It’s been a game changer. My iPad Pro & pencil, 12 oz yeti rambler, charging cords and earbuds, wallet, phone, reusable silverware, AND snacks all fit! And the customer service was exceptional when I had some feedback.

  2. Cynthia (verified owner)

    I used this bag for the first time and am really happy with it. To be honest, I did not find that I could fit nearly so much as Marcia mentions in her review, but it held whatever I needed easily—rwo phones, iPad Mini in a case with pencil; ear bids, pens, sanitizer, extra masks, charger cords, etc. It is very smart looking and the hooks work even on the small pocket at the front of the bulkhead seat. Alas, the flight attendant asked me me put it away for take off and landing, but it easily fit in the well between the arm rest and window—though I know you are not meant to do that. It was easy to take things in and out during the flight and nothing gets lost. If there is one small thing I would change it would be to have a way to stow or remove the shoulder strap, but I am overall very pleased with my purchase.

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