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The Overnighter


Available on backorder

On Backorder. This product will be back in stock September 25th.

This deceptively-versatile travel bag has 22 pockets for stowing all your gear, plus a USB port, a charging pocket for a wireless Qi charger, and a secret RFID sub-pocket. To take you from home to hotel comfortably, it converts easily between a satchel, crossbody bag and backpack. And it won’t even cost you a “carry-on,” because it’s designed to be stashed neatly under your seat as a “personal item.”

• 22 Pockets
• USB Port
• Secret RFID Block-Pocket
• Satchel, Crossbody & Backpack
• Includes Snack Bag and Cord Pouch
• Fits Under Seat
• 100% Vegan


3 reviews for The Overnighter

  1. Kevin Brandon Banaag

    I randomly saw this on kick starter, which caught me by surprise since i knew the company name and was excited to see what they had come up with. I didn’t need to read a lot of the description before I pledged for this. What I received was more than promised and even got a personalized thank you card from Tania, which is something not seen very often in the time of big companies. Appreciation of the customer is what has kept me loyal as a customer, as well as a staunch supporter in the quality of product, use, and go to carry on for flights. I am not being paid or given extras for reviews, which shows a lot of what great customer service and great products can do to keep my loyalty and happiness with purchase.

  2. Wendy Betts

    I went searching for a travel bag for my first trip to Europe and found the Walter+Ray In Transit Travel Bag V2 in a small travel shop in Maine. It caught my eye because it was the right size and had a zillion storage options, plus it was very reasonably priced. I must say…It was the best travel bag I have ever used. It looks great, is very comfortable (the backpack straps were just the right size, and were comfortable enough so I could wear the bag all day while shopping in Paris), and the ability to use as a tote, a backpack or cross-body bag made it incredibly versatile. The number of pockets were insanely useful for secure and easy access storage. I never worried about my passport getting lost, my wallet being stolen or my extra clothes staying clean and dry. I could locate everything in a snap (I tend to over pack!). All compartments were easy to access and kept me organized as heck. It even has a laptop sleeve. It is the BEST bag!. The only improvement would be a removable waist strap for when my pack was loaded and we were on the way to the airport via a long commute with lots of walking. If you make one, please let me know!

  3. Jennifer Felicelli

    I have been travelling for 30 years and have been searching for the right carry on bag. None of the ones I have found were quite right. This bag is perfectly right and then some! Room for everything I want to keep with me, no digging around in a bottomless main compartment, and comfortable when I need to stuff it as full as possible for long trips. It’s fantastic!

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