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  • For learning to be in all the moments of the journey
  • Eco-Conscious Urban Readiness. And a clean safe-house pocket for your face mask.
  • The Trolley Partner Velcro Pockets

    A place for your coffee and snacks as you whisk through the airport or hotel lobby.
  • BendyMan Flashlight Phone Holder

    Let the original BendyMan flashlight light your path or hold your devices while you cook, read, and Zoom.
  • Mustachioed man on an ample bag for the washables you create on the road.
  • The Mask Purifying Spray

    Utilize the power of Eucalyptus, Niaouli, and Lavandin to purify your cloth face coverings between use.
  • BendyWoman Flashlight

    The she-pronoun of the Bendy world! Let her illuminate your tent or hang on to your devices for you.
  • Sale

    The Overnighter Backpack

    $120.00 $99.00
    Divide and conquer with 22 pockets, device-charging, anti-microbial mask pocket, secret section and so much more.
  • The Go Kit

    Grab The Go Kit. Healthy essentials to explore your world safely.
  • Sale

    TABlet ZipSleeve Organizer 2

    $140.00 $69.99
    The seat-back pocket organizer that keeps what you need within reach.
  • The Two Pocket Pouches

    Handy beyond measure. Holds phone, glasses, passport, cords, teeny toiletries, snacks...you name it, in  easy to access, handled helpers.
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