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Travel Wide. Travel Fierce. Travel Organized.

Our furry pals share our love for travel. Dogs and cats set out and hit paths, roadways, and jump on airplanes for occasional flights (Okay…they maybe don’t love flying as we do…)! Voila! Our product picks to help support, protect and enhance their times on the go.

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  • THE active lifestyle foldable water/food  bowl for your backpack or keychain that is ready to go for your pet-bestie when they are parched on the road. For dogs OR cats!
  • Two wrap-around medium sized dog bandage booties with included gauze. Carry in your backpack along with Colloidal Silver Gel (sold separately) for trail hikes with your pooch to be prepared on-the-go for hurt paws.
  • Aromatherapy mist helps to relax travel shy dogs with a safe and healthy solution that soothes restlessness, drooling, panting, whimpering, fear of noise or vibration, and stomach upset.
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