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Healthy Traveling

Yes, you can enjoy being out and about in a pandemic—the secret is to be prepared. To help you de-stress and stay well, our pandemic-smart solutions streamline the experience of getting ready and getting out the door. Take control of your trips and outings with our useful tools and practical strategies for staying comfortable, organized, and germ-free.

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  • The Cloud Mask

    Infused with anti-microbial copper strands, these are super comfortable to wear, wash and dry in a snap plus have a handsome pinstripe lining. 
  • The Mask Purifying Spray

    Utilize the power of Eucalyptus, Niaouli, and Lavandin to purify your cloth face coverings between use.
  • The G-Key

    Do your part to stop germ-spread with this touch-free tool with a built-in carabiner.
  • The Go Kit

    Grab The Go Kit. Healthy essentials to explore your world safely.
  • Upcycled sustainability leads the way with this perfect to/fro bag that gets you to the studio in style.
  • Wash away unwanted stress from digital overload with this balanced and brain-friendly blend.
  • Hand-screened. Silk and cotton. Pom-poms. Octopus. Best scarf ever.
  • Moby Dick. Underwater singing. Plankton. You can have it all. Hand-screened, silk and cotton travel scarf.
  • Inspired by African mud cloth prints, this stylized gauzy cotton scarf can keep your neck warm or doubles as a light wrap.
  • Fingerless gloves of recycled cotton keep hands toasty while free to device to your heart's content.
  • A lightweight fullsize towel perfect for travel and any active lifestyle.
  • Got bit? Roll-on this masterful oil blend to soothe ouchy, itchy, irritated skin.
  • Unwind with this peaceful botanical blend formulated to support deep relaxation and sound sleep.
  • Pranarom's top-selling blend features Eucalyptus and Rosemary to support and defend immune and respiratory health
  • Unscented, smooth on the skin and protects you against germs while on the go. Excellent.
  • All Good's best selling product is this handcrafted organic balm that hydrates, heals and nourishes your skin.
  •   Give your immune system a boost with these cutting-edge, complete multivitamins in single serving packets.
  • Keep yourself shielded with these DEET-free wipes that go anywhere mosquitoes do.
  • Sip sustainably anywhere with our easy-to-clean reusable straw set in a watertight tube.
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