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Fire & Flavor Wood Wool Fire Starters


The first step towards maximum flavor. Our carbon-neutral biomass starters are crafted from 100% natural, food-grade raw materials, from sustainable, post-industrial wood biomass combined with non-gmo vegetable wax. No dangerous petrochemicals, and no nasty kerosene taste. Odorless, non-toxic, natural and carbon neutral. Made from natural and renewable materials in the netherlands and non-gmo vegetable wax. Wood sourced from fsc certified forests. SCAQMD approved for low voc emissions.


1 review for Fire & Flavor Wood Wool Fire Starters

  1. Nika Wynnyk

    Tried these for the first time to light my charcoal chimney for my webber BBQ instead of paper. They burned really clean with a good, strong flame and produced none of the smoke that paper gives off. I used 2 because I was unsure, but after how well it started my charcoal, I will only need 1 in the future. Great product, can’t wait to try it camping.

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